Meor Hashemesh Realty

Great homes for sale in the Beit Shemesh area and beyond by Ruchama Prager

Things to consider when buying your home in Israel


Determine what your budget is. Do you have the money readily available? Will you be taking out a mortgage? Have you taken into account the additional fees and taxes of buying a home?


What purpose will your home serve? Are you buying a home for an investment? Do you plan on using your property as a vacation home or will this be your permanent home? These factors will have an impact on where you decide to buy and the type of property you will be looking for.


Decide on location. What type of neighborhood are you looking for? Consider cultural, religious and social perspectives. How close are you to public transportation, shopping, shuls and schools? Determine if there are services in the area that will cater to your needs.


Type of property. How many rooms? Do you require a Shabbat elevator if you purchase in a building? Are you willing to renovate if a property will need to be renovated? Are you looking for a succah balcony? Are you interested in a garden? Is there parking? Is there additional storage space?